Whole30 – Day 26+1

My wonderful husband made eggs for breakfast and again I didn’t take a picture!

Breakfast was so late that I didn’t really eat lunch. Just snacked on a Lara Bar while updating my CPR cert.

For dinner we had Pork Fried “Rice” (Cauliflower). I will post the recipe tomorrow 🙂

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Whole30 – Day 25

Crazy day! Phew! A lot of nibbling in the car.

I forgot! A few days ago I tried to turn this weird, oddly shaped, under-the-stairs closet into a little pantry. Well, more of a tiny room in which to store kitchen appliances. Turned out pretty cute and my kitchen is tidier. We will buy nice shelves and stuff soon.


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Whole30 – Day 23

Well, I’ve completely lost track of time and am not sure this is correct, but here it is!! In the homestretch now, and I gotta say, my head’s not in the game.

But this picture is making me hungry. I can probably last a few more days.

Poached eggs, over smoked salmon, over sautéed kale.

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Whole30 – Day 22

I’m so lost as to the days and what is happening?! I’m pretty sure the events you are about to witness were from day 22, which was…twoooo days ago?

I’m not sure what happened for breakfast.

Lunch was this delightful conglomeration of yummy.

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