Whole30 Day 5

Feeling pretty good today. Woke up early and went to the gym. Was a little sleepy but not too bad, a little hungry but not too bad. I am, however, looking incredibly, incredibly, incredibly bloated. Aren’t you glad you know that now?

Breakfast Day 5 – Egg scramble with mushrooms and arugula (ran out of spinach) and a very veggie smoothie (plus some random other stuff)


Wanted to try the plantain shells that I made for our dinner, so I whipped up a taco with salmon (what else is new), avocados, tomatoes, arugula, cilantro and lemon juice. YUM! Tortilla recipe was from Zenbelly.




That part I said about not being that tired?… It was all a lie. I now feel like I could sleep for a year.

And the part I kept claiming about today NOT feeling like I wanted to “kill all of the things” as the Whole30 Timeline states…Again with the lying.  Started off fine.  I’m fairly certain the kids were off their rockers and the dog was out of control, but I definitely did not have one extra smidge of patience and it’s good that everyone is sleeping now.

For dinner, burrito bowls in which the recipe is found here. I used ground turkey and instead of the broccoli I added coleslaw mix (just the cabbage, not the sauce), simply because I didn’t have any broccoli slaw and I was too lazy to cut up broccoli like that. We mostly ate it in the bowl, as intended, but did use a few of the plantain tortillas that I made earlier for exactly this reason. Was pretty darn good!


And green juice. Lots of green juice.




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