Whole30 – Day 7

Egg cups in the making for breakfast Day 7!


And the finished product:


Find the Egg Cup recipe here.

Guacamole eggs, cucumbers and an orange/banana/almond smoothie for lunch.


First let me say that I was a little on edge today.  I’m really wanting chocolate.  And wine still.  And my husband was sooooo grumpy.  Because of his grumpiness, I decided to go grocery shopping without him or the kiddos, thinking that it’d actually be nice to get out alone.  Now, I’m not normally a complete idiot, but have you ever gone to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday?  Don’t.  Like, really.  Don’t.  I was just about homicidal.  It was as close to a grocery store-induced complete panic attack I’ve ever come to.

But I got lots of yummy food.  To prep.  All night.  First I needed coffee.


For dinner we had chicken nachos with plantain chips, salsa, guacamole and arugula.  Yum.20140309-204720.jpg

Dinner prep.  I will come back with some of the recipes, but I made carrot/ginger soup, tomato sauce, port stuffed sweet potatoes, meatballs, chili/lime chicken, and probably some other stuff but my brain is fried!20140309-204729.jpg


Have a fabulous evening!

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