Whole30 – Day 12

For breakfast, I just had a smoothie and some hard boiled eggs. Pretty simple and basic, but I really do love it.


Who would have thought that I would WANT a SALAD for a SNACK?!


I was still pretty full from breakfast and snack time, so for lunch I made a little something I called Pseudo Sushi. I just spread guacamole on some turkey, rolled it and cut it. Was yummy! Served with some smoked salmon and tomato.


Stir fry for dinner! It was delicious! I made cauliflower rice, used a mix bag of stir fry veggies from Trader Joe’s and added shrimp. I made this Sunshine Sauce, but had to change some things because I didn’t have all of the right ingredients. Still came out great and I was shocked that my husband liked it because that’s exactly the type of thing he doesn’t like.


My mom took our kids out for ice cream, so Dave and I went shopping. I got a few new kitchen items from Target and World Market – some pretty ceramic measuring spoons, cutting boards, smoothie straws. I also bought the makings to try my hand at sushi. I wouldn’t call it a complete fail, but maybe not a success either. It tasted good though!



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