Whole30 – Day 15

Let’s not even bother talking about breakfast or lunch. They were Whole30 compliant, pretty yummy, but ugly and not worth mentioning.


^^^^ Dinner however was a different story! Really really yummy! I mean, after I went to work I even got texts from Dave saying how yummy it was. Let me introduce to you this pasta, and I use the term loosely, with pesto sauceā€¦ Term also used loosely. I made zoodles (noodles out of zucchini) with chicken sausage and a pesto made out of cashews. (Pesto recipe HERE.)

Still feeling good. I had been talking previously it to some of my coworkers at the gym about this diet. One in particular is pretty excited about it and through her I had several people ask me about it yesterday. I think most people, my old self included, are super addicted to carbs and sugar and are looking for a way out. This totally worked for me and will hopefully work for them!

Peace, love and plantains!

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