Whole30 – Day 22

I’m so lost as to the days and what is happening?! I’m pretty sure the events you are about to witness were from day 22, which was…twoooo days ago?

I’m not sure what happened for breakfast.

Lunch was this delightful conglomeration of yummy.


I needed to use up some plantains before they went bad, so I decided to make a… Loaf? It was absolutely disgusting in case you were wondering.


Dinner was a Carrot Ginger Soup of which I made a double batch the last time. I added in the lime roasted pork tenderloin from the night before, in shredded form. Was pretty good!


Still doing good and going strong. Other than a desperation for some booze, I don’t even really want to eat anything specific. These six boxes of Girl Scout cookies are taunting me though.

Peace and plantains!

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