Banana Caramel Bites – Recipe


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Whole30 – Day 26+1

My wonderful husband made eggs for breakfast and again I didn’t take a picture!

Breakfast was so late that I didn’t really eat lunch. Just snacked on a Lara Bar while updating my CPR cert.

For dinner we had Pork Fried “Rice” (Cauliflower). I will post the recipe tomorrow 🙂

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Whole30 Day 5

Feeling pretty good today. Woke up early and went to the gym. Was a little sleepy but not too bad, a little hungry but not too bad. I am, however, looking incredibly, incredibly, incredibly bloated. Aren’t you glad you know that now?

Breakfast Day 5 – Egg scramble with mushrooms and arugula (ran out of spinach) and a very veggie smoothie (plus some random other stuff)


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