I disappeared again, so look at this.

Oy. Finish Whole30, disappear…check! Still eating very paleo, but there has been a tiny bit more cheating this week than I’m happy with, so we are doing a mini reset on Monday. In the meantime, here’s some more photos of food so that I can delete then from my phone. I’m getting the dreaded “your storage is full” error.

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Whole30 – Day 26

Let me start by saying that this day will not have a happy ending. But let me start here.

Breakfast: chicken salad with grapes and a smoothie.


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Whole30 – Day 25

Crazy day! Phew! A lot of nibbling in the car.

I forgot! A few days ago I tried to turn this weird, oddly shaped, under-the-stairs closet into a little pantry. Well, more of a tiny room in which to store kitchen appliances. Turned out pretty cute and my kitchen is tidier. We will buy nice shelves and stuff soon.


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Whole30 – Day 23

Well, I’ve completely lost track of time and am not sure this is correct, but here it is!! In the homestretch now, and I gotta say, my head’s not in the game.

But this picture is making me hungry. I can probably last a few more days.

Poached eggs, over smoked salmon, over sautéed kale.

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Whole30 – Day 13

For breakfast, a smoothie! Tastes kinda like one of those chocolate oranges that you smash. Almond milk, oranges, almonds, bananas, spinach, kale,coconut oil, and really just a pinch of cocoa powder. Mmmmmm.


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